GBC EECA Energy Award

The EECA Awards celebrate excellence and innovation in energy efficiency and renewable energy.  In 2012, Golden Bay Cement won the prestigious EECA Renewable Energy award, which recognises achievements and highlights improvements in the New Zealand renewable energy industry.

The Award was in recognition of the innovative use of waste wood material which reduced CO2 emissions by 58,000 tonnes. EECA Award.

WMF Wood Chip Plant Grant

In 2011 CID Resource Recovery received a grant from the Waste Minimisation Fund to assist in the construction of a two stage shredding and chipping plant to process wood waste for supply to Golden Bay Cement.

WMF Wall Board Recycling Grant

In 2013 CID Resource Recovery signed a 'Deed of Funding' with the Ministry for the Environment for the construction of a wallboard processing plant to separate gypsum and paper lining.  The plant construction is complete and operating, and is capable of recycling up to 10,000 tpa of gypsum.  The gypsum can be reused to produce new board and used in the cement industry, as a fertiliser additive or as a soil enhancer.

WMF Resource Recovery Grant

In 2014 the Ministry for the Environment's 'Waste Minimisation Fund' assisted with the installation of a mechanical and manual waste sorting facility.  The plant was commissioned in January 2015 and has exceeded expectations in tonnes per hour processed and volume diverted from landfill.


The Waste Minimisation Fund is administered by the Ministry for the Environment and grants are made yearly from proceeds from the Landfill Levy to worthwhile projects that divert waste from landfill and  or otherwise protect the environment. Further information on the Waste Minimisation Fund is available on